Täuschungsmanöver: A Drag Show of Travesty

Let yourself be carried away into a colorful world of deception, comedy, parody, and sensuality.

In addition to a unique laser show elaborated to the last detail by drag queen performer Paula A Jackson, you will experience a great potpourri of live singing and dancing. Meet drag queens, birds of paradise, top acrobats, and comedy talent who will put their pointy beaks and sharp tongues to work. Experience a journey of turbulent imagery and elaborate costumes.

Sassy, sexy, and glamorous - with style and class - "Täuschungsmanöver" presents the perfect illusion.

As Oscar Wilde said, "The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value."

The travesty show "Täuschungsmanöver" is certainly that extraordinary and can't be missed!


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Köthener Str. 44 – 10963 Berlin
Ihr findet uns mitten im Herzen von Berlin, direkt am Potsdamer Platz.